frequently asked questions

What does Sydys Corp do?

Sydys Corp is a globally active biotechnology company developing immuno-oncology products including an autologous dendritic cell immunotherapy that recently completed Phase II trials for ovarian cancer generating clinically meaningful progression free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS) data.

Where is Sydys Corp headquarters?

Sydys Corp's principal corporate office is located at:
135 East 57th Street, 24th Floor, New York, NY 10022

When was Sydys Corp founded and where was it incorporated?

The Company was founded in 2004 and incorporated in Nevada.

On what exchange does Sydys Corp trade and what is its stock symbol?

Shares of Sydys Corp trade on the OTC market under the symbol SYYC.

Can shares be purchased directly through the Company?

Sydys Corp does not offer a direct investment program. Interested investors may purchase shares through any registered broker.

When does Sydys Corp’s fiscal year end?

Our fiscal year ends on December 31.

Who are Sydys Corp’s officers and directors?

Information on Sydys Corp’s executive team and Board members can be found on the Management and Board of Directors sections of the website.

Who is Sydys Corp’s independent auditor?

The Company’s independent auditor is L J Soldinger Associates, LLC.

Who is Sydys Corp’s transfer agent?

Securities Transfer Corporation
2591 Dallas Parkway, Suite 102
Frisco, TX 75034
Phone: (469) 541-0338

Who do I contact to request information on my account or change my account information?

Securities Transfer Corporation
2591 Dallas Parkway, Suite 102
Frisco, TX 75034
Phone: (469) 541-0338

How can I access the Company’s SEC filings?

Our SEC filings can be accessed via the SEC website, here.

How can I find information on career opportunities with Sydys Corp?

If you are interested in joining our team, or learning more about the current openings at Sydys Corp, please email your resume to

How can I register to receive updates on the Company?

To join our email list and receive future press releases, please contact